PATO HOFFMANN SAG ⋅ AFTRA Actor and Director

PH.HS.98Mr. Hoffmann’s acting career in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Iceland, Mexico, Chile, Perú and Bolivia includes 16 feature films; 2 short films; over 50 episodes of television in series, mini-series, animation and soap operas; and numerous plays and readings with prestigious theatre companies.

As an actor he has worked under the direction of renown film makers such as Walter Hill (twice) and Frank Pierson, and has worked with international stars such as (in alphabetical order): Richard Dean Anderson, Ellen Barkin, Steven Bauer, Irene Bedard, Jeff Bridges, Tantoo Cardinal, Ana Colchero, Gary Cole, Robert Culp, Matt Damon, John Finn, Robert Davi, Robert Duvall, Michael Emerson, Graham Greene, Gene Hackman, Dan Haggerty, Hal Holbrook, Bo Hopkins, Clint Howard, John Hurt, Lorenzo Lamas, Joe Lando, Diane Lane, Julian McMahon, Edward James Olmos, Jason Patrick, Ron Pearlman, Kelly Preston, August Schellenberg, Jane Seymour, Talia Shire, Ally Walker, Fred Ward, Tom Wopat, and others.

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THE ART OF NOT ACTING: A Methodical Approach

IMG_1406Who: PATO HOFFMANN / professional actor and theatre director / Los Angeles.

Why: There are essentially two kinds of performances: truthful and contrived.  The consummate actor is always truthful in the execution of his/her craft and, therefore, not acting.

What: A practical approach to acting for teens (16+) and adults, with or without prior experience.

(1) On-going workshop (group sessions).

(2) Showcase – An evening of the year´s best monologues and dialogues performed

before a live audience of industry professionals (Producers, Directors and Casting


Practical, and intense/intensive classes where we will introduce and apply the most salient aspects of the different and prevailing methods, techniques, and schools of thought in acting for film, television and theatre today (“Method”, Meisner, Improv, Shakespeare, and others).

International industry protocol, practices and discipline will also be taught as a compliment to the development of the professional actor.

When: Thursdays / 7:30 to 10:00 p.m. / Starts October 1st, 2015.

On-going weekly classes / 10 months x year / Month-to-month registration.

Where: Teatro NUNA / 8509 21st Street (1 block before Costanera Ave.) / Calacoto / La Paz.

Cost: Monthly fee                                            =                         Bs.250

Handouts / one-time fee                        =                         Bs.200